lunes, febrero 16, 2009

The most amazing explanation

This is the most amazing explanation I ever heard from someone to his boss...
Veamos si alguno del "otro" idioma entiende algo y pica viteh ... tengo menos visitas que una trola fea y vieja.


I know this is my fault for the last minute reschedule this morning, but it could not be helped. I did something to my knee on Saturday and spent all of Sunday nursing it. I took way more pain medication than I should have and it still is not working. My knee this morning is now the size of a small melon and my entire leg is hurting. If no one shows for the call, I am going to take some more pain medication and return to bed to try to sleep it away. (I do not want to take anything for pain if I am going to be working on the Argentina stuff so it hurts pretty dog-gone bad right now.

Thanks for your understanding

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Andres dijo...

Y despues dicen que los Rio Platenses las sabemos todas.